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M/V Works International, your trusted financial advisor
We offer personalised financial services

M/V Works International is a botique team of three financial specialists that has been working together for more than ten years, dedicated to assisting the international in acquiring their dream homes in The Netherlands. With extensive experience as financial advisors, we tailor our services to your needs, and we are not afraid to think outside of the box. Over the years, we have advised athletes and artists, served international clients and extend a warm invitation for you to get in touch with us!

As an independent broker, we will help you choose the best  mortgage solution

We offer our services at a reasonable and competitive price. We will explain the home purchase process, mortgage loan forms, loan application conditions and the mortgage offer in English. You are welcome to contact us on the phone, online or meet us in person. Our company is located in an interesting building in Studio's Aalsmeer, where television programs are shot in several studios and events such as 'the most fashionable footballer of the year' are organized. Feel free to visit us and meet our team.

M/V Works International financial advisors

Ilona van de Bunt

Ilona van de Bunt-Stankiewicz

With over fifteen years of experience in relationship management, Ilona has a remarkable ability to make her clients feel comfortable. She is a skilled networker who thrives in an international environments. Ilona is fluent in four languages, allowing her to effectively communicate with clients. Together with her extensive knowledge of the banking sector, this makes her a valuable asset for providing optimal financial advice and guidance.

Marco van Kleef

From his own sports experience, Marco knows what sacrifices are needed to reach the top. As a certified financial advisor with twenty years of experience in the banking industry, he is fully committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.

Vincent ten Bruin

Vincent is a driven certified financial planner (FFP/CFP®) with twenty years of banking experience. Helping dreams come true is what drives him to achieve the optimum result, providing every customer with the highest level of service.

Are you active in sports or entertainment?

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